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March 2012 Newsletter

posted Mar 5, 2012, 12:39 PM by Web Admin
Dear Cub Scout Parents (and old Webelos II Families that have Crossed Over to are still invited to race),

Pinewood Derby
Our next pack meeting is Friday, March 16th and will be our annual Pinewood Derby Race. The timing of the Derby is different than pack meetings. We ask people to come any time after 5:15 pm to register and weigh their car. The opening ceremony and race will start promptly at 6:45 pm. We'll try to keep the schedule moving so we can end by 8:30 pm followed by cleanup from our Bears and Webelos I Dens.

Pizza at the Derby
Some of the families have already pre-ordered a pizza. If you still wish to order a pizza for the derby, please contact Patrick Michel at or by phone at 248-770-4089 by March 10th. He is collecting pizza orders for $5 (Little Caesar’s) for cheese pizzas (it is, after all, a Friday in Lent). The Pack will have lemonade or water to drink. You are welcome to eat at home or bring with you a picnic dinner to eat in the cafeteria prior to the race as well.

Pinewood Derby Volunteers Needed
Let Aerik LaFave know if you can help, call (734-780-1076 ) or email ( if you can assist in making this a great event for the boys and all families.

The areas of responsibility/number(s) of people needed are listed below:
  1. One more person for set-up (this will start at 4:00 p.m. on the day of the Derby). 
  2. One person to help with car weigh-ins (car weigh-ins start at 5:15). 
  3. One person to help to run the derby track (place cars on the track, etc.). This will begin at 6:45 p.m. 

Derby Night Rules and Schedule
We will abide by the district rules posted on our website.

The 2 differences between the district rules and Pack 1 rules are you cannot modify the position of the axles and you cannot race a pre-made or e-bay car.

The weigh-in starts at 5:15 pm, the pizza arrives at 6:00 pm, and the race starts at 6:45 pm.

Finally, we will again be having the “Open Heat” at the end of the Scout races for siblings and “illegal” cars. This will be a free-for-all race. The only rules that apply for this race is the car must not weigh more than 5 ounces. Therefore, pre-made and e-bay cars are allowed. No rules apply and it should be fun to watch. No prizes or trophies for the winners of this race.

Please remind your scout that this event is a great opportunity for him to learn skills, develop a sense of accomplishment and practice sportsmanship in both winning and losing.

How to Build a Derby Car:
On March 10th from 1-4 pm, Aerik will be opening up his garage/home to allow people to work on their derby cars. He will be providing sanding blocks of various grits as well as tools and advice….bear in mind, the last time he worked on a derby car was when he did it as a Cub Scout J. Please bring some foamies” (those little foam ear plugs; you can pick them up pretty much anywhere) if you intend to use the band saw/compound miter saw/table saw. He has a couple of pairs of workshop protective glasses so that shouldn’t be a problem. He, unfortunately, will not be supporting painting. Since you will be in the garage in March the painting will be better accomplished in your own home with warmer temperatures (paint doesn’t work so well when it is really cold).

Aerik’s address is 2386 Foxway Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (Fox Fire sub-division). Give him a call at 734-780-1076 (cell) if you have trouble finding our home (feel free to park in the driveway).

Summer Camp
Final payment of Summer Camp is due March 16th (Pinewood Derby Night). The full cost of the camp is $125 per camper, less what you’ve already paid in deposits or paid via Scout Bucks. It is a great opportunity for One-on-One time with your son with no distractions. Don’t let his unique opportunity get away from you. We now have 32 campers and have plenty of room if you still want to register for this fun camp from Thursday, July 26th at 12 pm to Saturday July 28th at 3 pm at Camp Munhacke. See the attached Summer Camp Parents Guide for your reference on all the fun activities.

The District “Scoutmail” provides information on the District’s activities. If you would like to subscribe to “Scoutmail” you can simply sign up by going to: and scroll down to the box on the left hand side that says “Sign Up Here for Scoutmail”.

Committee Meeting
Our next committee meeting is on Saturday, March 24th at a place to be determined.

Jim Putlock
Asst. Cubmaster