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What is Cub Scout Summer Camp?

The purpose of Cub Scout Summer Camp is to give Cub Scouts and Parents an overnight experience.

For 3 days and two nights, a parent and Cub Scout have the chance to spend some real quality time together in a relaxed serene setting. Camp Munhacke is a 120 acre property on the shores of Bruin Lake, 11 miles north of Chelsea on Bartell Road. Cub Scout Summer Camp is a planned experience for Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts and their partners. It affords the opportunity for a positive outdoor camping experience in a controlled and pleasant environment. The program is full and varied with time provided for the Cub Scout and adult partner to spend some quiet quality time together. Some activities will meet advancement requirements for various ranks, however, our ultimate goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding outdoor camping experience.

The parent and Cub Scout have the possibility of attending Summer Camp for four years. Every year there is a different theme so there is a different experience each year. The advancement program activities are: BB gun, archery, handicraft, swimming, boating, group games and scout skills. This program is well rounded to provide something of interest for all Cub Scouts. There are approximately 30 camp staff members to serve you.

There are nine campsites at Camp Munhacke, each site has: water, unisex latrines, 2 person tents, cots, fire pit, flag pole, bulletin board, locking storage chest, picnic tables and a rainfly. Although tents are provided, you may choose to bring your own tent. Each tent must be clearly labeled with a statement “NO FLAMES IN TENT” sign. The camp has a central shower house with 14 individual unisex shower rooms and separate flush toilet facilities for adult males, females, and boys. All campers are provided well-balanced self-served meals in the Dining Hall. There is a Trading Post with B.S.A. catalog items, souvenirs, refreshments and snacks.

In order for the Great Sauk Trail Council to provide an overnight camping experience for Cub Scouts, there must be certified camp staff members, the property must meet all the safety standards and codes of the Boy Scouts of America and County Health Laws and Building Codes. During Summer Camp, the program and camp undergoes extensive inspections to see that all standards, codes and policy laws are met, which translates to safety first for our campers. Camp Munhacke meets or exceeds all standards, and receives the highest rating each year.
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