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Orientation to Scouting

Your Son, Scouting, and You
As a parent, you want your boy to grow up to be religious, self-reliant, dependable, a person of worth, a caring individual. Scouting has these same goals in mind for him. Since 1930 Cub Scouting has been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities designed to help parents teach their sons how to make good decisions throughout their lives and give them confidence as they become the adult leaders of tomorrow. In a society where your son is often taught that winning is everything, Cub Scouting teaches him to do his best and be helpful to others as expressed in the Cub Scout Promise, motto, and Law of the Pack. A Cub Scout den will involve your boy in a group of boys his own age where he can earn status and recognition. There he will also gain a sense of personal achievement from the new skills he learns.

About Cub Scouts
Since 1930, the Boy Scouts of America has helped younger boys through Cub Scouting. It is a year-round family program designed for boys who are in the first grade through fifth grade (or 7, 8, 9, and 10 years of age). Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting. Currently, Cub Scouting is the largest of the BSA's three membership divisions. The purposes of Cub Scouting are: Character Development, Spiritual Growth, Good Citizenship, Sportsmanship and Fitness, Family Understanding, Respectful Relationships, Personal Achievement, Friendly Service, Fun and Adventure, and Preparation for Boy Scouts.

Cub Scouts usually meet 2 to 3 times a month during the school year in small groups (5 to 10 boys) called dens. Den meetings are packed with fun, games, and great activities that can all be used to earn rank and activity badges. Ranks are by age: Tiger Cubs (first-graders), Wolf Cub Scouts (second-graders), Bear Cub Scouts (third-graders), and Webelos Scouts (fourth- and fifth-graders).

Once a month all the dens gather for the Pack Meeting. Pack Meetings are where the dens can show off the skills they have learned over the last month. Meetings are often full of cheers, song, demonstrations, and games. The highlight of the Pack Meeting is the of course the award ceremony where the Pack leader, called a Cubmaster, helps the Den Leaders present the boys with their latest ranks and activity badges.

Den meetings are typically held at the den leader’s home while Pack Meetings are held at SSA Plymouth School gym (starting at 7 pm lasting until 8:15 pm on third Thursday each month).

A Scout is Reverent
Pack One is sponsored by Spiritus Sanctus Academy. At our meetings we express our faith in Christ and encourage boys to earn two of the four religious awards available in Boy Scouts.

Cub Scouting Ideals
Apart from the fun and excitement of Cub Scout activities, the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, the Tiger Cub motto, and the Cub Scout sign, handshake, motto, and salute all teach good citizenship and contribute to a boy's sense of belonging.

What Does it Cost?
Currently, the per-scout expenses are budgeted at $90 per year, which include awards, den dues, annual registration, and general pack costs. Fees of $40 per scout are collected in September each year which will provide a year subscription to "Boy's Life" magazine. Each scout will also be required to purchase at minimum, a uniform shirt with proper insignia, which runs about $50. Pack outings are paid for by each scout on a per-event basis and may be subsidized depending on our fundraising levels. We offer fundraising opportunities to help offset the per-event costs.

Pack One is run by parents just like you who desire a fun and rewarding experience for our scouts. We are an entirely volunteer-run organization with no paid positions on our staff. Families of Pack One are asked to participate in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with. We have opportunities to serve as trained leaders, committee members, and assist with special-event committees.

We like to keep our families informed of all Pack One happenings. We also utilize email to send a monthly newsletter with upcoming events and news to help keep you in the loop. In addition, we maintain this website with a full calendar of events.

The Tiger Cub Den Program
Tiger Cubs introduces boys and their adult partners to the excitement of Cub Scouting as they live the Tiger Cub motto: Search, Discover, Share. First grade (or 7-year-old) boys may join Tiger Cubs. Tiger Cub dens are composed of five to nine Tiger Cub-adult partner teams which together weekly. The Tiger Cub den leader plans a year of activities, featuring the key to the Tiger Program - shared leadership.

Each boy-adult team may host one or more months of Tiger Cub activities with the support of the Tiger Cub den leader. These activities include two den meetings, a Go See It activity (a den field trip), and a pack meeting each month. The Tiger Cub den leader coordinates the den's participation in the pack meeting. The den meetings are usually based upon one of the five achievements needed for scouts to earn their Tiger Cub rank.

The Cub Scout Program
Wolf Cub Scouts are boys who have completed first grade or are 8 years old. Bear Cub Scouts have completed second grade or are 9 years old. Cub Scout dens are composed of six to eight boys who meet together weekly, culminating with a monthly pack meeting. Another adult, the assistant den leader, and possibly a den chief, assist the Cub Scout Den Leader in planning and coordinating a full year of activities for the den.

Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts advance in rank by completing 12 achievements to earn either the Wolf badge (for second-grade boys) or the Bear badge (for third-grade boys). Parents play a key role in the advancement of their boys and are primarily responsible for signing off on completed requirements for the Wolf or Bear Cub Scout Ranks. The den meetings are based on one or two of the twelve achievements needed for scouts to earn their Wolf or Bear rank. In Cub Scout dens -- the boys, their families, and the leaders work together, with an emphasis on home-centered and family activities.

The Webelos Scout Program
The Webelos Scout program is for boys who have completed third grade or are 10 years old. It is a transitional program preparing the boys to be Boy Scouts. The emphasis begins to shift from home-centered activities to group-centered activities similar to those they will encounter in Boy Scouting.

Webelos Scouts are part of a Webelos den of 6 to 8 boys. The den meets weekly under the leadership of a Webelos den leader for a program built around one of the 20 Webelos activity badges. Another adult, the assistant Webelos den leader, and possibly a Webelos den chief, assist the Webelos den leader in planning and coordinating a full year of activities for the den. An activity badge counselor, an adult who helps with a specific activity badge, may also support the leaders. The den leader passes the Webelos scouts on their requirements. Parents play a less active, more supportive role with Webelos Scout advancement than they do with that of Cub Scouts. In Webelos Scouting, the outdoor world opens up. With their parents, the Webelos Scouts are able to camp with their den, aside from the pack. They may also participate in pack overnighters, as well as day camp, resident camp, and other district and council activities.

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